Handels- & Ingeniørfirma O.B.Carlsen
 Handels- & Ingeniørfirma O.B.Carlsen  Ørstedsgade 19  DK-6400 Soenderborg  -  Telephone / Fax 045 - 74 42 70 45 . Email visaton@mail.dk

Distributor of   in Denmark

To the industry we sell many types of ferrits , coils , tranformators.

Lots of active and passiv components.

In many cases the distribution comes direct from large manufactors all over the world !

Our brands includes Visaton, Soundking, Xenon, W.Rademacher, Xytronic, Elytone, Kay Kwong Electric Bulb Fty.,CEC-Coils,CEICE, ALCRON, SETRON, CEC-CAP,RTO, Impulse USA, STEALTH, Dueci-Electronic and many more ...

We sell radioparts , loadspeakers & accesories , CAR-Hi-Fi.

Loadspeaker-units of BigSound , SoundKing , X-Spider , see them on this webpage

Unfortunately we have no catalogues.

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